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Radio 78, side A, track 4: “Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers Band

Ramblin Man - The Allman BrothersOh, The Allman Brothers Band, great song!  I can’t relate to it at all since I am the opposite of a ramblin’ man.  What is the opposite of a ramblin’ man, The Allman Brothers Band?  A stationary man?  Definitely doesn’t sound as cool as a ramblin’ man, that’s for sure.  But that’s okay, this world’s got room for both kinds of men.  Some of us go on tour and play awesome music.  Some of us latch hook pictures of Hello Kitty.  Who’s to say which is better, The Allman Brothers Band?

Don’t answer that.

lyrics to “Ramblin’ Man”

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