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Radio 63, side A, track 4: “Deadbeat Club” by the B-52’s

Deadbeat Club - the B-52sOh, the B-52’s, congratulations!  This song has become one of the official theme songs of Mixed Tape Masterpiece!

It wasn’t planned at all.  But I was listening to this song for the first time in forever, and it was dawning on me that this may have just become my favorite song by you.  I’ve loved “Roam” since I was a kid, but the gentle sweetness of this one caught me by surprise, and I realized I was falling harder for this song than when I’d first been listening to it on the radio.  Which was where I was going to leave things as the song wound its way to a close.  And then here comes Vic St. John yelling to get our tape recorders ready because there was gonna be a hot new hit by Poison on the way.  It was such a great moment, the B-52’s, me re-falling in love with one of my beloved radio songs on a track that also provides historical proof that I was living in a time where recording music off the radio onto a cassette tape was a thing.  Plus your song mentions 25-cent beer, which is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  Thanks for making for a great start to the weekend.

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