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Radio XXXII, side B, track 8: “Too Nice To Talk To” by The Beat

The Beat - Too Nice To Talk ToOh, The Beat, have you seen that updated version of “Cosmos” hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson?  We haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but it’s ready and waiting on our DVR.  Honestly, The Beat, after the first 20 minutes, I had to take a break from watching it.  It’s been a long time since I really truly contemplated the universe; the last time I probably really truly contemplated it was back in the day when I was making these tapes.  Plus my wife and I watched it right before bed, and after we got past the Virgo Supercluster and the Known Universe and Neil mentioned that the Known Universe was likely just a small part of a Multiverse, mentioned it rather too casually I might add, well, that was as much as my mind could take in one sitting.  Especially right before I’m supposed to go to sleep.  And convince myself that going to work the next day made some kind of difference when I was just an infinitesimal part of a goddamn Multiverse.

So, The Beat, you might be wondering what the hell the cosmos has to do with you and me.  Well, as I was listening to this truly awesome tune, and listening to the DJ talk about how you guys were the precursor to FYC, it got me to thinking about how amazingly huge this world is, and how each new piece of information slowly (or quickly) increases one’s worldview.  And how me-centric my worldview tends to be.

Like, take you guys, for instance.  Right before this song came on the radio and I taped it, all I knew was that there was a band called Fine Young Cannibals, and they were brand new and they just came out with one song, which I loved.  And then suddenly, in like 30 seconds, I come to find out that Fine Young Cannibals have a much deeper history.  They’re not just this awesome band that made a hit song; they were made up of people who had this whole long life somewhere.

I think my first real true grasp of this came a few years before, back during the whole “baby Jessica in the well” incident.  Here was this little girl who no one but her family knew existed, and suddenly the entire world is aware of her and some little place called Midland, Texas.  The entirety of the planet has its focus on one tiny little spot. . .

This is why I could never be a physicist, The Beat.  Or even a decent writer.  Because I can’t put into words the sheer immensity of life or how easy it is to block it all out.  Like when my dad came to visit once.  My dad who lives on a farm next to a town of about 300 people.  He comes to visit me in a city that was roughly 600,000 people at the time, and we’re sitting at a stoplight, and he was marveling at the amount of cars and the amount of people all around us.  It was the kind of thing I used to marvel at, too, The Beat.

And occasionally that small-town thought will still sneak into my head when I’m driving down the freeway and there are cars all around and I think about how each car contains one or more people and each of those people have their own lives and their own things going on and this is just one tiny section of a freeway in one city in one state in one country on one continent on one planet.  And don’t get me started on when I watch the ants in our compost heap. . .

The point is, The Beat, I really like this song.  And let’s just leave it at that before my head explodes.

“Too Nice To Talk To”

<awesome The Beat jam>

It’s too late now, it’s twenty past two

I spent the night just watching you

I watched you dance, I watched you move

Can’t breathe and still I watched you move away

Now I think quite a lot as I stare at my shoes
About all these things that I put myself through
There’s nothing to say now, there’s nothing to do, you’re just too nice ta talk to

Too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice ta talk to

Too nice ta talk to

<awesome The Beat jam>

The Radcliffs wouldn’t come after you

I glance but you just stared me through

Felt such a fool I felt you knew

But you might tell me to go away

Now I think quite a lot of my own point of view
Is that all I have that’s in common with you
Emotions so guarded, my heart is retarded, you’re too nice ta talk to

You’re too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice to talk to

Too nice ta talk to

<awesome The Beat jam>

This evening hasn’t gone like I planned

Should I take the situation in hand

Can’t go on but I can’t seem to dance

You chain my feet, I stamp and stamp and stamp, because nothing I do ever seems to be right
The same dance of mine every Saturday night, out the window, you might say I’m out of of my mind, but’cha too nice ta talk to

Too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice ta talk tooo

Too nice

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