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Radio XLIL, side A, track 7: “New Music promo: Gloria Estefan, Milli Vanilli, and The Cover Girls”

boomboxOh, KISD FM, sounds like it was the middle of the holiday season when I recorded this track, and what better gift than the gift of awesome music on the radio?!?!?  So this time we’ve got Gloria Estefan. . .no duh, KISD FM.  Already took care of that song.  A couple times.  But a new one by Milli Vanilli?!?!  Nice.  Hadn’t heard that one before.  And The Cover Girls, eh?  I’d never heard of them before, but their name sounds cute and their voices sound super attractive, so very much looking forward to hearing what they’re going to bring to my bedroom.  Because that’s where I recorded the music.  Get your mind out of the gutter, KISD FM.

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