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Radio XLV, side A, track 11: “Clean The Closet promo: Michael Damian, Eddie and The Cruisers, The Graces, and Fine Young Cannibals”

eddie and the cruisersOh, KISD FM, I could only dream of having a closet like you seemed to have where you had tons of music that you were just giving away.  Although, to be honest, back in the day, my closet could have stood some cleaning of its own.  Frankly, KISD FM, I STILL have too much stuff.  I have a very conflicted view on the accumulation of things.  I don’t like clutter, and I tend to go through manic cleaning phases where I get rid of a bunch of my stuff (and drive my wife crazy in the process), and then I become fixated on collecting every single Spider-Man comic ever made or recording every song every played on the radio.  And the Christmas season is the biggest test of wills, because as much as I want to believe I’m not materialistic, I really, really enjoy getting Christmas presents, and this year I got a TON of cool presents, including a hand-sculpted Alien and a crocheted Groot and the most recent Marvel encyclopedia.  It’s hard to be Grinchy when you get such thoughtful, awesome gifts.  And don’t even get me started on CDs and tapes.  The amount of music that I’ve given away only to buy again because I missed listening to it is not worth mentioning.  Not to mention the number of VHS and DVDs I’ve bought and gotten rid of.  I try not to look too much at my finances because I don’t want to be reminded of how bad I am with money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the credit card bills I’m paying now are from binge purchases of “Livin’ In The ’90s” and the complete collection of “Friends” episodes made in the last few decades.  So I really don’t need anymore stuff, KISD FM, but as long as you’re giving it away. . .

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