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Radio 78, side A, track 12: “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen

Louie Louie - The KingsmenOh, The Kingsmen, just a few days after talking about Louie, here we are again!  I don’t know that I’ve got much else to say about this one beyond what I wrote nearly 5 years ago when this one first showed up on the blog.  I will say that I’m increasingly more fascinated with it every time I hear it and every time I learn a little more about it.  Reading the annotations on this and how the country flipped their shit because they didn’t understand what a few silly kids were singing on a silly song, and how the lead singer was mainly hard to understand because his braces were too tight, and how all of that and more is mixed into this vortex of one of the most recognizable songs ever made.  It’s amazing to me that these guys spent less than 3 minutes performing a song with nearly zero production values and with questionable talent and were able to produce a kick-ass tune that made the country lose its mind.  I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere, The Kingsmen, but I’m too tired and too lazy to learn it right now.

Let’s go!

lyrics to “Louie Louie”

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