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Radio 85, side A, track 1: “Mysterious Ways” by U2

U2 - Mysterious WaysOh, U2, we won’t spend much time on this admittedly excellent song.  As per usual, it’s pretentious as hell with references to canticles and the Holy Spirit and such.  You guys really are ridiculously full of yourselves, aren’t you?

Instead, what really struck me about this song is the DJ talking about how this was the year “Wayne’s World”, “Sister Act” and “Aladdin” came out.  Holy crap, U2!  What a great year for movies!  I was actually just in Pipestone about a week ago driving past the now-defunct Quarry Twin Theater, which made me really sad that it’s closed.  I spent many hours there, U2, and pretty sure I saw all three of those movies there.  I’m sure I’ve talked about the many trips I made to Pipestone and Worthington to see movies, and driving past the Quarry Twin really brought me back.  I remember rushing through my chores of feeding the cows, taking a fast shower and jumping into the station wagon so I’d get to Pipestone on time for the previews.  It took some planning, because Pipestone was a 20-minute drive and Worthington twice that.

If I had some money and/or my wife wouldn’t shatter in the cold, I would be very tempted to move back to MN, revive the Quarry Twin and play some of the awesome movies I grew up with, including “Wayne’s World”, which I was obsessed with and we’ll talk about that one down the road.  Who knows, U2, she moves in mysterious ways, so maybe someday I’ll be the one handing out tickets to the old Quarry Twin.

lyrics to “Mysterious Ways”


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