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Radio 67, side A, track 13: “Impulsive” by Wilson Phillips

Impulsive - Wilson PhillipsOh, Wilson Phillips, I miss you already.  This is the last song I’d record by you as a kid.  And even though I only recorded three songs by you, you had a lasting impact on me.  I loved you from the first, Wilson Phillips.  I’d be even sadder about this post except for the fact that ever since I “rediscovered” you with “Hold On”, I very quickly after that found you on Amazon Music and have listened to the hell out of your debut album since.  So unlike a lot of the songs on this blog, I’d actually listened to this particular song very recently.  And I’m going to listen to it again.  Along with all the other songs that I loved so much growing up.

I don’t usually do this, Wilson Phillips, but if you ever happen to read this post and maybe want to record a short video saying hi to me or something, I would very much like that to happen.  Seriously.  There’s nothing special about me.  I’m just an overweight, middle-aged white guy who reads comic books and records music off the radio.  And apparently begs beautiful pop singers to respond to his blog post.  But still.  I would totally be really unbelievably happy if it happened.

This wasn’t planned, Wilson Phillips.  You might even say it was impulsive.  But even if you don’t ever read this and/or decide to say hi to me, please know that I’m totally in love with all of you (it’s fine, my wife knows this) and I really appreciate you helping me get through adolescence.  You’re the best, Wilson Phillips.

lyrics to “Impulsive”

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