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Radio XXXIV, side B, track 7: “Hard Rockin’ Weekend promo”

Hard Rockin' WeekendOh, KISD FM, what else is there to say about a promo touting a “Hard Rockin’ Weekend”?  Except to say that back then, I was most definitely susceptible to DJs and commercials and media in general shouting at me that it was my duty as a red-blooded American male to rock out with my blank out.  This was in the age of regular old Mountain Dew and Jolt Cola and Surge (“Suuuuuuurge!!!!”).  This was waaay before Red Bull and Monster and whatever other hideous pseudo-amphetamine swill currently being pimped out as “energy drinks”.

I was totally on board with teen marketing, KISD FM.  When I was told that there was nothing mellow about Mello Yello, I believed it, even after drinking it and thinking it kinda did taste kind of mellow.  I was all about crunching Doritos to the extreme.  Thank god we didn’t have a Taco Bell anywhere near us or campaigns touting 4th Meals or some such, because even with my magical teenage metabolism, methinks I would have gained a pound or two.  And when you intimated that you were the only radio station with the <censored> to play Bon Jovi, I gave you guys a Billy Idol sneer and shouted “Damn right!”  Even though Bon Jovi and the like were really popular, so of course other radio stations were going to play them.

Looking back, of course, I realize how silly all that gusto was, but I will tell you this, KISD FM:  instead of bragging about how you were a brave radio station for playing hard rock hits for a whole weekend, what you should have been bragging about was how you were willing to play a Kenny G song right after a RATT song.  Now THAT takes <censored>, my friend.

Sorry, my keyboard must not be working, let’s try it again.

THAT takes balls.

Much better.

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