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Radio XLV, side A, track 8: “Batdance” by Prince

Prince - BatdanceOh, Prince, 25 years ago on this date, it was very likely I was reading all the cool new comics that I got for Christmas and very likely also listening to this song, as well, since I absolutely adored it.  And last time we talked about this song, I also promised you that next time this song came up on my track list, that I’d explain in detail why I prefer Marvel comics over DC comics.  Which I’m sure you’ve been anxiously awaiting.  I’m not going to bore you with a TON of details, because I get that this blog is primarily about music and not all my comic book geekery.  But it’s hard not to talk about comic book geekery when this song did nothing but instill comic book geekery in me.  And still does.  Mein Gott, I love this song!

Anyway, even though I was very excited about the movie and the first superhero comics I ever read were Batman and Superman, as soon as I read my first Marvel comic I was hooked for life.  And the main reason was because of the characters’ flaws and “real” problems.  Batman and Superman and the rest of the DC gang were cool and all, but they were the elite, born from privilege or into privilege with unlimited resources and/or unlimited powers.  Their greatness was pre-ordained, and you knew that they would always win out in the end.  It wasn’t the same with Marvel, especially my favorite of them all, Spider-Man.  Pretty much all of the Marvel superheroes got their powers through some kind of accident and were fairly reluctant heroes.  Spidey was the epitome of the Marvel style, starting out as a jerk and having to suffer a great tragedy before realizing “with great power comes great responsibility”, and then becoming almost neurotic about his responsibility to everyone but himself.  And my other favorites, the X-Men, were just born into their powers, but their powers were viewed as a defect, and they had to overcome prejudice while trying to save those that hated and feared them.  Sooo good, Prince.

I’m not one for psychoanalyzing myself, Prince, but I think the reason I liked Marvel so much is that I felt that being a hero was achievable.  Most of Marvel’s heroes kinda fell into it and most of them didn’t even want the responsibility, but they stepped up when the time came.  And they had “real” problems.  Half of Peter Parker’s problems came not from his foes like Electro and Doctor Octopus and La Tarantula but from his landlord and his professors and sometimes even the flu.  In fact, the Marvel characters that I was the least interested in were characters like Thor and Captain America, who seemed the most “DC-like”.  Not saying I don’t still like them, of course, I just like the more messed up characters the best.  And not saying I don’t like Batman and Superman and the rest of the gang at the Distinguished Competitor.  I’ve just got a lot more time and interest devoted to the entirety of the Marvel Universe.

So anyway. . .

The bottom line is that I love me some comic books, Prince.  And while you and I will never likely hang out in the same circles, I really appreciate you taking a dip into the geek pool and making one of my favorite songs of all time.


“Oh, I got a live one here!”
<maniacal Joker laughter>

<awesome Prince jam>

Get up y’all, the funk up! (Batmaaaan)

Get up y’all, the funk up! (Batmaaaan)

Get up y’all, the funk up!

“Go, go, go with a smile.”


Do it

Keep bustin’

<awesome Prince jam>

(Do it)
Seen the future and it will be (do it, do it)

Seen the future and it will be (d-d-d-d-d)


Seen the future and it will be

Do it, house

“Stop the press”

“Stop the press, who is that?”

“Vicky Vale”

“Vicky Vale”

“I like…”
Batmaaaaan, Batmaaaan, Batmaaaan

“Oh, bats.”


“Bruce Wayne.”

“I tried to avoid all this, but I can’t.”

“I just gotta know.”

“Are we gonna try ta love each other?”

“Stop the press, who is that?”

“Vicky Vale”

“She is great, isn’t she?”
Ooo, yeah
Ooo, yeah

Wanna bust that body
Ooo, yeah
Ooo, yeah
I wanna bust that body right (“I’d like to.”)

Ooo, yeah
Ooo, yeah (“But he’s out there right now.”)
I wanna bust that body
Ooo, yeah
Ooo, yeah

“Well, Miss Vale.” Ooo!

“Ya ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

“I always ask that of all my prey.”

“I just like the sound of it.”

<gunshots and screams>

“I’ve gotta go ta work.”

“Gotta go ta work.”
(Work, work)
If a man is considered guilty for what goes on in his mind, then gimme th’electric chair for all my future crimes, oh

Electric chair



Hey, Ducky
Let me stick this 7-inch in the computer

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Got the poooweeer

Got the soul

Got ta sho’ ’nuff get off

Make the devil go, go

(Hey hey)


(Hey hey)


(Hey hey)
“This town needs an enema!”

<maniacal Joker laughing>


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