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Radio 73, side B, track 9: “Call Me” by Blondie

Call Me - BlondieOh, Blondie, this was the only song I’d recorded by you as a kid, and when I wrote about it before I was trying to figure out when I first heard it.  I still don’t remember exactly, but I was just reminded that y’all performed this song on “The Muppet Show”.  Which I watched religiously as a kid.  So there’s a very good chance that many of the songs that are going to show up on here from the early ’80s, those songs that are so familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on when I was first introduced to them, many of them might have first been heard on that magical Muppet stage.  So while I can’t definitively say if I first heard this or any other song on “The Muppet Show”, I’m very excited to have an excuse to look up old clips of it.

lyrics to “Call Me”

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