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Radio 81, side B, track 1: “Don’t Bring Me Down” by Electric Light Orchestra

ELO - Don't Bring Me DownOh, Electric Light Orchestra, the last (and only) time we had one of your songs on here, it was this exact same one.  I remember it distinctly, too, because I was in New Orleans, it was just after Christmas, and I was sitting in the guest bed, the guest double bed, let me add that, that I shared with my wife and three dogs, and while I didn’t have a lot to write about it at the time, and probably won’t here, either, I remember first spending some time figuring out just what exactly you were singing after “don’t bring me down” (turns out it was “grrroooos”, or “Brrruuuuce” or whatever you want it to be, really), and then just sitting back against the pillows and letting the awesome music wash over me.  For a few minutes I wasn’t thinking about the Jenga puzzle that was our bedtime ritual getting ourselves and the dogs into place or the impending drive back to Austin which always filled me with anxiety (just like everything else in the world does all the time) and just everything that, well, brought me down.  So this song most definitely did its job, Electric Light Orchestra, and I really hope that this won’t be the last time we get to chat with each other.

lyrics to “Don’t Bring Me Down”

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