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Radio 75, side A, track 3: “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure

The Cure - Just Like HeavenOh, The Cure,  Happy New Year!  Do you even celebrate that?  Probably, but just in a darkened basement with a few moody candles or something.  Anywho, while I don’t know this song very well, it’s obviously a great one because it’s by you.  And had I started recording music off the radio just a year earlier, this would have very likely been recorded early and often.  There’s a part of me that’s very Cure-like, The Cure.  I can certainly relate to the concept of not completely understanding how someone could actually love me.  A few minor tweaks in age and geography, some eyeliner and a handful of mousse, and you and I would have been a lot friendlier, The Cure.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, The Cure.  Could have been the subject of a song, am I right?

lyrics to “Just Like Heaven”

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