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Radio 56, side B, track 1: “Lady” by Kenny Rogers, #5 on The Top 90 of the ’80s

Kenny Rogers - LadyOh, Kenny Rogers. . .Kenny Rogers?  Whoa.  Not expecting to see your name pop up on this thing.  I’m not complaining, Kenny Rogers.  I mean, who doesn’t love you?  Long before I started taping music off the radio, the music I grew up on was almost exclusively country.  So by the time I really discovered pop music, I was already very familiar with the likes of Glen Campbell and Barbara Mandrell and Mickey Gilley and of course you, Kenny Rogers.  Of course, like every good teenager, I turned my nose up on all that great music from my younger years and embraced all the new music that KISD FM was playing, none of which was country.  So to have you show up on here was kinda like one’s parents showing up unexpectedly to chaperone the high school dance.

With the benefit of hindsight, I realize now that I did myself a disservice by turning my back on my country roots.  While I owe KISD FM so very much for giving me such an amazingly well-rounded taste in music, I do wish now that I’d recorded music off some country stations as well back then, because even though I was loving my pop and rock, country music was the real soundtrack for rural farmers and their kin.  But c’est la vie, Kenny Rogers.  And luckily, with the advent of the internet, I’ve been given a second chance to capture some tunes by my favorite country stars, including you.  But that’s a conversation we’ll have a few years down the road.  For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy your handsome, pre-cosmetic surgery self and that distinctive voice and celebrate that smarter people than I did NOT look down their nose at country music and rightly made this one of the best songs of the whole decade.



I am yooours

My love

There’s so many ways I want ta say
“I love you”

Let me hold you in my arms foooor
Ever moooore

You have goooone

And made me such a fool

I’m so lost
In your looove

And ohhhhh

We belooong together

Wonchoo believe in my soooooooooong


For so many years I thought
I’d never find you

You have come into my life aaaand
Made me whoooooole


Let me wake ta see you each and every morning

Let me hear you whisper softlyyyy
In my eeeear

In my eyyyyyes

I see noooo one else but you

There’s no other love like our looove

And yeeees

Oh yes I’ll always want you near me

I’ve waited for you
For so looooooooooooooong


Your loooove’s the ooonly love I need

And besiiiiide meeeee

Is where

I want yoooou to be

‘Cause my love

There’s somethin’
I want you
To know

You’re the loooove of my life

You’re my lady

<awesome Kenny Rogers jam>

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