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Radio 87, side A, track 9: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams

Get Lucky - Daft PunkOh, Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, well damn ain’t this a great song!  I think this one came out right around the time I was actually starting to record music off the radio again in ’13, so yay for me, even though I didn’t know what this song was or who any of y’all were.

Unfortunately, this song’s coming at a time when I’ve been doing a lot of heavy soul-searching.  The myriad of sex scandals that have erupted over the last month have pretty much ruined movies and entertainment in general for me.  Sure, I get it, I’m 42 and this kind of stuff should have come as no shock.  The Harvey Weinstein stuff certainly wasn’t a shock to anyone in the industry, even if everyone’s claiming ignorance now.

So now, I’m questioning everything.  If I were a horny young teenager or a horny young college student or hell, even a horny approaching-middle-age guy and heard this song, I would smirk about all the singing about staying up all night in the hopes of getting laid.  The chorus on this one would have just been something to celebrate.  But now, hearing “She’s up all night for good fun, I’m up all night to get lucky” makes me feel gross and sad.  Because now all I can picture is this sweet girl wanting to enjoy awesome music like this while the guy she’s with can focus on nothing more than getting her clothes off.

Look, Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, I’m no saint.  The reason I can clearly picture that guy is I’ve been that guy.  Of course, being who I am, my version of “getting lucky” was usually just making out and having a girlfriend who would fall madly in love with me.  But getting laid was right up there, too.  But what a lot of wasted energy.  I was always keeping my eye out for somebody I could kiss that I missed out on just being up all night for good fun.  But I did get lucky, Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams, in that I’ve been able to retain some wonderful friends who were able to put up with me despite my single-minded mission to not be romantically alone.

I really don’t like getting old and thinking about things, Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams.

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