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Radio 61, side B, track 9: “Quarry Twin Theatre commercial”

Quarry Twin TheatreOh, Quarry Twin Theatre, I know I said I was going to stop writing commentary on here for awhile, but this track made me more sad than normal.  Which is saying something.  I spent so much time in both of your two theaters, Quarry Twin Theatre.  Obviously, I recorded this commercial because it featured my beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I loved you so much, Quarry Twin Theatre.  Last time I was home visiting my parents, I found all the old ticket stubs I saved from my many visits there.  Once I got my driver’s license, I would go multiple times a week all by my lonesome.  Since I had to get my chores done first, i.e. feeding the cows, and since it was a good twenty-minute drive, and since I was OCD and needed to get there in plenty of time to pick a seat before the previews started, movie nights were always a mixture of anxiety and elation.  I’m surprised I never got a speeding ticket on my way to Pipestone because I was running late for some showing or another.  I saw a lot of incredible movies in your twin theatres, Quarry Twin Theatre:  “Unforgiven”.  “Schindler’s List”.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  “Basic Instinct” (still can’t believe they let me in to see that one; I was only 16 but the kindly old guy at the ticket booth never much cared).  My first date was at the Quarry Twin Theatre (“Article 99”.  I made a bad joke about the director’s name, John Badham, and my date was nice enough to laugh at it).  I saw “T2” and “Stargate” there.  “Three Men And A Baby” (my dad feel asleep during that one).  “Dick Tracy” (my brother and I went together but sat in different parts of the theatre because we were embarrassed to be near each other).  “Ernest Scared Stupid”.  “Ladybugs”.  I think my dad took us to a “Three Stooges” marathon there once.  I saw “My Girl” and “Beauty and the Beast” there.  Pretty sure I saw “Wayne’s World” there at least once, since I was obsessed with that movie.  I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of movies.  I’ll have to go through all those ticket stubs.  By the way, when I’m talking ticket stubs, I’m talking old-school, generic ticket stubs that came on a giant spool.

I vividly remember parking in the small parking lot attached to the theatre, walking past the two movie posters out front, that sense of anticipation building as I went in the front door.  I remember seeing other movie posters for the movies that were “coming soon”, causing even more anticipation.  I remember the old school intros with the ’70s-style graphics before the previews and feature presentation started (can’t find a clip on YouTube but I can’t get that piano music out of my head).

Apparently, the theatre is for sale for $40,000.  If I had that kind of money, and if I lived in Pipestone, and if I had additional money to run the thing, I would totally bring the Quarry Twin Theatre back from the dead.  The fact that it’s dead at all makes me extremely sad.  That place was my oasis when I was a teen.  For a few hours, I wasn’t some nerdy, anxiety-ridden farm boy with no social skills.  I wasn’t anybody.  There was just the movie.  I miss you, Quarry Twin Theatre.

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