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Radio 86, side A, track 7: “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman

Tal Bachman - She's So HighOh, Tal Bachman, always been a big fan of this song, but I didn’t realize how depressing it was.  I mean, I always knew it was about thinking this girl was so amazing and was so much better than you.  I can totally relate.  What I DIDN’T realize was that she was so amazing that you weren’t going to do anything about it AT ALL.  I mean, I guess this isn’t the first song I’ve heard and loved where the protagonist is pining away for some unattainable goddess, but at minimum they’re usually at least picturing what life could be like with them.  In this one, you can’t even fathom THINKING about it.  Damn, Tal Bachman.  Even when I had a perm and giant owl-eye glass and a giant chip in my front tooth, I was still asking out the unattainable girls.  I mean, they always said no, rightfully so, but I still did something about it.  I never thought I’d run across a song that made me look like the brave one.  Thanks, Tal Bachman, I needed that.

lyrics to “She’s So High”

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