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Radio 73, side A, track 5: “Take Me Home” by Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Take Me HomeOh, Phil Collins, I was wondering when we’d hear from you in this new venture.  Because I had no doubt you’d have some songs on BOB.  Hell, Phil Collins, you and George Michael tied for having the most recorded songs on my childhood tapes.  So yeah, of course your songs would have stood the test of time.  Even better, this was a song I hadn’t recorded as a kid.  I knew the song, of course.  Don’t know where I first heard it and I don’t have specific memories that it triggers when I listen to it now other than that I really friggin’ love that chorus.

As someone who grew up chomping at the bit to leave home as soon as I could, hearing someone sing so passionately about going back there fills me with a bittersweet longing, combined with the relief that I’ve built a home of my own that I’m always glad to return to.  Love you, Phil Collins, and can’t wait to hear what your next track will be.  Because there can’t be just one.

lyrics to “Take Me Home”

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