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Radio IV, side B, track 3: “Twister” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

Oh, “Weird Al” Yankovic, if there’s one artist who shaped my childhood, my sense of humor, and my taste in music, you are, as they say, da man.  I owned all your tapes, from “Dare To Be Stupid” to “Polka Party” to your latest, “Even Worse“.  I knew all the lyrics of every song by heart, and while my love of reading helped me to appreciate the written word, it was your music, especially your song parodies, that taught me how to finagle those words around to make something humorous.  Of course, I could never match your wit and style, and most of my “parodies” were of the dirty junior high kind of stuff that would only make me and my friends laugh on the bus on the way to school, but they did get laughs, and that’s what’s important, am I right?

And let me just say this, “Weird Al” Yankovic.  You were and continue to be a godsend to the people like me who don’t quite fit in, who have a, yes, I’ll say it, “weird” view of the world, but not a dark weird or a creepy weird, just a little different weird.  “Weird Al” fans tended to be the nerds and dorks and whatever other words get thrown at them in the high school hallways, and you brought some cheer into the lives of those of us who were the target of those words and/or fists.

And also, you’re a damn good performer.  You’ve been able to parody all manner of song styles, from pop to rap to heavy metal and sound damn good doing it.  And while I know you get some crap from some artists for your parodying, if it weren’t for your parodies, I wouldn’t have even heard of some of the songs that you were actually lampooning.  Your version was many times the first version I heard, and it made me seek out the original.  “I Want a New Duck” led me to “I Want a New Drug“, and your “Hot Rocks Polka” led me to the Rolling Stones.

So keep on keepin’ on, “Weird Al” Yankovic.  We love you!


Well, Well, Milton Bradley’s got a def one
It’s a Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister)
Yeah, all the girls and homeboys
Playin’ Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister!)
Spin the spinner and call the shot
Twister ties you up in a knot
That’s Twister
Yeah, Twister

Check it
Right foot blue (Right foot blue)
Left hand red (Left hand red)
Left, Right, Yellow, Blue, Green
Yeah, Twister

Now, everybody’s chillin’
With the Twister (Twister)
Wherever things are illin’
You’ll find Twister (Twister, Twister!)
That’s Twister
Yeah, Twister

Yeah buddy
You gotta get it
Yeah Twister
From MB

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