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Radio 85, side A, track 2: “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men - End Of The RoadOh, Boyz II Men, what a perfect way to wrap up this 9@9!  It’s been a great 9 days on here getting back in touch with 1992 and holy god is this song amazing!  Y’all. . .seriously.  What really hit me this time listening to it is that one line “It’s unnatural”.  I don’t think I realized that’s what you were singing all the times I’ve heard this one (big surprise, I never know what anyone’s singing).  And now that I know, it just makes it that much more powerful, that the thought of you and your lady no longer being together is unnatural.  That’s SUCH a good line, Boyz II Men.  Totally wish I knew that’s what you were singing all those years ago, because I TOTALLY would have stolen it.  I’m actually thinking of a situation that would have been PERFECT for!  GAAAHHH!  Missed opportunities, am I right, Boyz II Men?  And just imagine if I could have sung like any of you OR at least had that deep voice where I could have been all “Girl, I’m here for you.”  Life would have been much different for me, Boyz II Men.

lyrics to “End Of The Road”


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