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Radio 71, side A, track 7: “Higher” by Creed

Creed - HigherOh, Creed, a song from 1999!  Cool!  This was in the waning days of my attention to music, so I remember hearing this one on the radio a lot, but I can’t say that I’ve got any specific memories that this song elicits.  I will say, and I know this is going to be super sacrilegious, but I’m pretty sure at the time I thought this was Pearl Jam.  I know.

Look, Creed, I don’t think I’ve ever tried to hide the fact that I don’t know much about music besides that I like it.  And I really liked this song.  Still do.  Kinda like it a little more now, even, now that I’m paying attention to the lyrics.  I’m not a religious man, but I can’t argue with the sentiment of asking somebody to take me to heaven.  And while I know that most would snort derisively that I enjoy your music, and while it seems that your lead singer is a major douche nozzle, one thing this blog has taught me is to hold my head up high about the music I enjoy.  I learned that from Milli Vanilli, amongst others.  Granted, I like pretty much every song I hear, but so what, Creed?

Anyway, thanks for taking me back to the ’90s, Creed.  It was the best of times and the worst of times for this particular blogger, but you weren’t there for any of the highs or lows that I can recall.  But you were still there.  I still remember specific key changes on this song, so I clearly listened to it plenty of times.  I think that’s all I’ve got to say about this one, Creed, but hopefully we’ll see each other again down the road.

lyrics to “Higher”

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