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Radio IV, side B, track 8: “In Your Soul” by Corey Hart

Oh, Corey Hart, you seemed too intense for me.  While the rest of the pop world was singing about love and partying, you were singing about what was in your head, and most of what was in your head was either too far beyond my limited scope of understanding or it was too cool for school (which was also far beyond my limited scope of understanding).  I think you would have been okay with me hanging out with you, Corey Hart, but I also think that I wouldn’t have had anything to add to the conversation.  You’d be quoting Kerouac (who I wouldn’t even know who that was) or Salinger (again, no idea) and talk about how messed up life was and have all these other deep interior monologues and I’d only be able to sit there and nod and say “Yeah, man, that’s messed up”.  On the bright side, it did prepare me for college and beyond when I’d end up hanging out with hipsters and artists and listen to them talk about Kafka (heard of him) and Warhol (Campbell soup, right?) and I’d nod and say “Yeah, man, that’s messed up”.

“In Your Soul

Ever since I was a little kid
I have always thought
I could run faster than the wind

Stare up to the sky with open spaces
I could live and die
Man, you can’t find that in no book
Never find that in no book

Someone will drag you down
And try to knock you under
Hey, Mama said with her words of wonder
Don’t matter ’cause
‘Cause it’s in your soul

I have always felt
That I had to prove it to myself
No salvation from the firin’ line
A million dreams won’t set you free
God, I know there’s something trapped in me
There’s no refuge from the ride
No shelter ever saved a man his pride
Give you pain and never feed your hunger
I won’t close my eyes
When it rains and thunders
Don’t matter ’cause
‘Cause it’s in your soul

And when the night is overcome
And I’ve been racin’ down a road
That’s got no trace, no face
If I could live by the words I’ve sung
And carry all the choices I’ve made
I swear, I swear I’ll be there

Hey, mister, don’t shadow box with me
‘Cause I don’t wanna someday be
An old man cursin’ what I might have been
Now I realize what I see
That the wind was never chasin’ me
And I don’t feel so alone
I can close my eyes, I’m goin’ home

Behind the clouds the sun in shinin’
Some rain will fall, no use cryin’
Oh no, oh no, not me

Got a picture in my head
That won’t let go of
Young man running in search of
Count your blessings

‘Cause it’s in your soul
Oh, it’s in your soul
In your soul
Oh no

Ever since I was a little kid
I have always thought
Young man runnin’. . .

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