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Radio 71, side B, track 8: “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon

Carly Simon - You're So VainOh, Carly Simon, as I mentioned earlier this year, I did not know you sang this.  I thought it was Faster Pussycat.  But I’ve heard the original version many a time now that I’ve got it as part of my collection.  Obviously it’s a great song, Carly Simon, but I can’t help but feel that this song kind of defeats the purpose.  Frankly, this guy sounds pretty interesting.  And yeah, this song is totally about him.  Which means now he can act all fake embarrassed when he adds this to his small-talk repertoire.  “Yes, it’s true, I’m chagrined to say that the song is about me.”  Also, Carly Simon, I feel like there’s some vanity coming from your end, too.  I mean, you’re hanging out at parties where people are gravotting.  Seems pretty hoity toity.  Also, that line about the wife of a close friend?  I thought that you were singing “wife of a postman”.  So I’m glad that we’ve cleared that all up.

lyrics to “You’re So Vain”

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