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Radio 65, side B, track 9: “The Girl I Used To Know” by Brother Beyond

Brother Beyond - The Girl I used To KnowOh, Brother Beyond, at the time I heard this song, I’d never had a girlfriend, so that meant I never had an ex-girlfriend.  Actually, I’d never been on a date or even really hung out with a girl.  So I was intrigued with this story of a guy who runs into an amazing woman he used to be in a relationship with.  Since those days, I have had my share of these situations.  None of which would produce a great pop song like this one.  If there was ever a song that could truly capture that awkward feeling of being trapped in a social setting, let me know, Brother Beyond, because that would sum up all of my experiences.

I brought it all on myself, Brother Beyond.  Because I was one of those guys who just quit calling.  Yeah, I know.  I’m a coward.  No other way to say it.  I just didn’t want to have that conversation where I came right out and said that I wasn’t interested in going out with someone again.  I also wrapped myself in magical thinking, assuming since that person was no longer in my life, there would never be a time where I would see them again.

Not so.

I went out on a date with one girl who was my regular waitress at my favorite Chinese restaurant.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t into it, which meant I could never go back to my favorite Chinese restaurant again.  I later ran into her at the movie theater when I was with a female friend, and it got downright chilly.

Went out on a date with another girl who was very nice but had some very complicated personal stuff going on that I wasn’t ready to deal with.  Never called her again.  But she was good friends with my co-worker, and I ended up sitting right next to her at my co-worker’s wedding.  It was pretty awful.

I dated more than a few women at work, most of which didn’t end well, including one gal who dumped me after I rode out with her parents to see her.  And I still had to work with them.  Horrible.

Luckily those days are behind me.  Now I just have my wife to disappoint, and there’s nowhere to hide from that.

lyrics to “The Girl I Used To Know”

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