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Radio 73, side B, track 10: “I Love The Night Life (Disco Round)” by Alicia Bridges

I Love The Nightlife - Alicia BridgesOh, Alicia Bridges, welcome to 1978!  I was really digging the whole 9@9, and here we were on another week night and another 9 songs from one of BOB’s favorite years.  I was 3 years old when this song came out, and as with a lot of songs that are showing up on BOB, I don’t really remember when I first heard it or when the hell I’ve ever heard it.  But I HAVE heard it.  Like a lot.  No idea when or where.  And while I know that disco gets a bad rap, I say thee nay, Alicia Bridges.  Your voice is incredible.  Every time you sing “on the disco roooound, yeah”. . .hells yeah, Alicia Bridges.  I totally get why folks were all about these songs back in the day.

lyrics to “I Love The Night Life (Disco Round)”

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