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Radio 79, side A, track 12: “Someday” by Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray - SomedayOh, Sugar Ray, last time you showed up on here, I was having a really bad year.  I can’t believe it’s only been two months since I thought this year was bad, because it’s definitely not gotten any better.  The year’s not over yet, is it, Sugar Ray?

How bad is it, you’re wondering I’m sure, Sugar Ray.  Crying at work bad, Sugar Ray.  Yeah.  I have some pretty strong feelings about crying at work.  I mean, I have pretty strong feelings about crying in general, in that I no longer do it unless it’s an extreme circumstance.  I’ve cried at least four times this year, Sugar Ray.  Like, big old ugly cries, not just some moist eyes and a sniffle.  That’s more crying than I’ve done in a decade.  And one time was at work.  At WORK, Sugar Ray.  I’d heard stories about people crying at work, and I’ve seen it a few times myself, but to me, crying shows one at their most vulnerable and I would never want anyone but those the absolute closest to me to see that.  And I don’t even want those closest to me to see it.  So you know it’s bad when I’m breaking down in front of co-workers.  And don’t get me wrong, Sugar Ray, I love my co-workers, but not enough to cry in front of them.  Which would be humiliating.  Except now I have.  So I must really love them.

The good news is that even though I don’t see anything getting any better any time soon, my wife is amazing.  She actually doesn’t see anything wrong with me breaking down crying in front of her, which is kind of insane to me, but I’m not going to deny that having her hold me when I completely fall apart makes things just this side of unbearable.  Really don’t know what I’d do without her.

Or you, Sugar Ray.  You seem to catch me every time I’m feeling low this year, and your music’s a little like being held in my wife’s arms.  I don’t know if I recorded any more songs by you off the radio, but if I did, I hope next time we talk we can just talk about how amazing your music is and not how I’m apparently an emotional wreck all the time.  At WORK, Sugar Ray!

lyrics to “Someday”

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