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Radio 57, side B, track 9: “New Music promo: Richard Marx, Neneh Cherry, and Eric Clapton”

cassetteOh, KISD FM, yay!!!  I always love a new music promo!  New songs by Richard Marx, Neneh Cherry, AND Eric Clapton!!!  I cheated a little bit on this one and peeked ahead, because a couple of the songs didn’t sound too familiar, and frowny-face, I didn’t end up recording them.  Bummer.  As I was getting a little older and heading toward the time when I could drive and not be home all the time, my passion for recording music off the radio was slowly dimming as kissing girls was becoming more and more of a priority and maybe even achievable.  So we’ll never get to hear “Heart” by Neneh Cherry and “Bad Love” by Eric Clapton in their natural habitat of my cassette tapes, but luckily at least we can hear what I missed thanks to YouTube.  See you soon, Richard Marx!

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