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Radio 74, side A, track 4: “Just What I Needed” by The Cars

The Cars - Just What I NeededOh, The Cars, really glad to see you made it onto my new millennium recordings, especially since it’s a song I didn’t record as a kid.  I love this song.  No idea when or where I’ve heard it, other than that I’ve heard it all my life and it’s great.

It’s been a crazy week, The Cars.  Lots of ailing dog drama, long drives to the vet, quite a bit of dog vomit, not a lot of sleep.  But somehow I was able to fit in a nap yesterday.  It was just what I needed.  And now that it’s the weekend, I needed a good song to get me pumped up for a bunch of pre-holiday work I’ve got to get done before my annual anxiety-riddled trek to the Big Easy.  Guess what this song was?

lyrics to “Just What I Needed”

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