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Radio 64, side A, track 12: “When I’m Back On My Feet Again” by Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton - When I'm Back On My Feet AgainOh, Michael Bolton, what a time to be alive!  1990, I mean.  Not that life ain’t too shabby now, of course.  I mean, I can afford a decent haircut now, which is nice.  I just mean how awesome was it that you could turn on the radio and there was a good chance you were going to hear a song by you on it?  Sure, there are probably some stations now where that might happen, but would it be a NEW song?  Probably not, Michael Bolton.  It might be this song.  Which is not bad.  It’s very, very good.  I’m just saying that in July of 1990, this song was still brand damn new and I got to hear it with fresh ears.

I’m not gonna lie, Michael Bolton, when I first started this blog and thought about all the many artists that were going to show up on here and I thought about what I was going to write about you, I assumed I was going to be snarky and kinda mean.  But as I recently mentioned, just because a song was very of its time doesn’t mean it’s an object of ridicule.  AND, more importantly, I can’t listen to your music and think anything but “Holy shit can this guy sing!”  You da best, Michael Bolton, and I’ll never ever say otherwise ever again.

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