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Radio 78, side A, track 5: “Walk On The Wild Side” by Lou Reed

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild SideOh, Lou Reed, I don’t know you as well as I should.  During my radio-taping days as a kid, I only recorded one song by you, and it kinda had me stumped because I didn’t know exactly what I was hearing.  And had I recorded this one, I would have been even more stumped.

I’ve only heard this song a handful of times, and this time, I checked out all the annotations to the lyrics and damn there is a lot going on in this, Lou Reed.  Like, there’s more story in this one than in a hundred other songs.

Recently, I started going for walks with one of my dogs every night.  Technically it’s to be healthier, but it’s really so my wife can have me out of her hair for a little bit every night.  And if I get less fat, that’s an added bonus.  And since I’ve started going for walks, I’ve been using that time to listen to some artists I haven’t really listened to enough of their music.  Or I just learned about them and want to check them out.  Like when I saw Father John Misty on SNL a few weeks ago and wondered who the hell he was and now I love his music.  Or when I decided it was time to listen to some Oingo Boingo.

My point is, Lou Reed, that while I’m not taking a walk on the wild side (unless it counts that I think I’ve seen Harry Knowles a few times during my constitutionals), I am taking walks, and it’s high time you walked with me.  Looking forward to spending some time with you and my dog, Lou Reed.

lyrics to “Walk On The Wild Side”

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