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Radio 81, side B, track 6: “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector

Eddie Money - Take Me Home TonightOh, Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector, I was all set to write about how, while I love this song a whole bunch, there’s an interpretation of it that’s very dark and scary.  Turns out, though, I already did that several years ago.  So never mind.  I guess it’s been on my mind more lately because my wife continues to remind me that I’ve lived my life with a very limited male-centric view of the world.  And that’s totally true.  It’s frankly pretty embarrassing considering that my closest friends have always been female and in my adult life I’ve worked at jobs where men were in the definite minority (except in leadership positions.  riddle me that, Batman).  Anway, Eddie Money and Ronnie Spector, it’s definitely been a buzzkill to start hearing songs that I’ve loved my whole life in a whole different light.  Like this one.  Or “Stuck On You” by my man Elvis (I’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis on the way to work lately).  For example:  “Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall, ain’t gonna do you no good at all.”  Out of context, that sounds like a note you get from a serial killer.  Kinda like this song does.  So that’s great.

lyrics to “Take Me Home Tonight”

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