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Radio 80, side B, track 9: “When I Come Around” by Green Day

Green Day - When I Come AroundOh, Green Day, wow does this bring me back.  This song was in HEAVY rotation on MTV my freshman year of college.  And as with most songs I’ve listened to on here, I paid zero attention to the lyrics.  I mean, this song isn’t crazy deep or anything, but I didn’t know it was (kind of) a love song.  In that you were singing about coming back to your girl after you were done messing around with other people.  Hey, hopefully she appreciated your honesty.  I do remember that my roommates and I always got a big laugh out of the video for this one.  It’s about halfway through the song when that couple is making out by a car, and then they just abruptly stop making out and start walking.  It was very “Done making out now.  Let’s go buy groceries.”  It’s not quite as funny now, but this time when I watched the video I wasn’t stupid drunk.  But still amusing.  Also feeling old as hell ’cause y’all look so damn young in that video.  If you haven’t come around by now, you’re not going to.

lyrics to “When I Come Around”

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