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Radio 66, side B, track 14: “Urgent” by Foreigner

Foreigner - UrgentOh, Foreigner, I’m sitting here trying to think of something to write.  I don’t have any specific memories of this song other than it was and is a great song.  But there’s something right there, Foreigner, something I can’t quite pluck out of my head and put into words.  It’s this feeling that I had as I was listening to this track, the combination of this song that was already a decade old at the time and the DJ talking over it at the beginning and the end. . .it was just this 3-minute moment in October of 1990, where the DJ didn’t give much thought to the song he was going to play or even the quick promo he did at the beginning and the end of this track.  And I doubt I gave it any thought either other than that I was capturing a song on my tapes that I hadn’t yet recorded.  And now here it is, nearly 26 years later, and I’m sitting here, listening to that moment of time in my life, but it wasn’t just me, there were countless other people listening to that DJ and that song at just that time.  I feel like there’s something there, but I can’t. . .quite. . .explain it.

Screw it.  Thanks for making a great song, Foreigner.

lyrics to “Urgent”

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